"When I realized my real estate activity was a business, KWSR was my only choice. It has the leadership, culture, and systems in place to teach you how to run a successful business on your own." David Lasley, REALTOR®
"I joined one of KWSR's outstanding teams after working for a team for three years at another brokerage. I immediately noticed a dramatic difference in the culture at the Market Center and with KWSR as a whole. I was welcomed instantly and KWSR values everyone as part of the family." Donreen Vavrek, Service & Marketing Specialist
"From the moment I walked into KWSR office I knew I had found my home as a real estate agent.  I found mentors, friends, and so many other agents willing to help me in my growth. There is always a class to take to learn a new skill And to stay on top of your game." Tammy Studebaker, REALTOR ®
"When I first started talking to KWSR, I was impressed with the compensation plan for agents. The money was outstanding! After I got here what I fell in love with was the culture, the training, the diversity, and the money is still outstanding." George McDowell, REALTOR ®
" After 5 years, of treading water at another brokerage, my switch to KWSR has been amazing!  This is exactly the environment that I wished I had from the start of my real estate career. I can't say enough about the support, the teamwork, the coaching, the management, the tools, the training and the mindset of this office and company.  I am so honored and humbled to be apart of such a great organization and group of people!" Ben Antkowiak, REALOTR®
"I started my real estate career years ago and then took time off. When returning to real estate I wanted to join a firm that was friendly, positive and innovative. I was looking for a brokerage that had a family atmosphere and was customer-centric. I definitely found that at KWSR. Our training surpasses anything I have ever seen at any brokerage and the support, assistance, and camaraderie is unmatched." Gloria Pruitt, REALTOR®
"KWSR has developed into a company for high producing agents. Taking us to new heights with the most up to date infrastructure not only for tracking your business but goal setting, state of the art technology.  Always being at the forefront of the industry KW continues to move forward while still maintaining its learning based foundation. Being with KWSR for over 8 years, I would highly recommend this company and the people who are the backbone of the Annapolis office. Our staff is continually offering coaching, training, and assistance at every level!" Cheri Gavin, REALTOR®
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